DOWSIL™ 650 Protective Peelable Coating

DOWSIL™ 650 Protective Peelable Coating, is liquid applied coating designed to provide temporary protection skin for high performance façade glazing, window systems and panels during storage, transport and throughout on-site installation. Once dried, it forms an attractive bluish aesthetic and offers excellent protection against damage, dust, stain, grease and even weld slag. It can easily be peeled off when protection is no longer required. There is no damage to the surface and there is no residue left on the substrate.


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Where to use:

  • Glass & Aluminum
  • Metals
  • Plastics
  • Common building materials


  • Superior Protection
  • Compatible with DOWSIL™ Sealant
  • No residue on substrates
  • Easy to apply & peel off
  • Save money & Time!

Steps to Apply


Light Blue