Sealant is usually used when we want to “renovate our own houses” 🏠,but there are a lot of choices of sealant in the market, how shall we choose? 🤔
Sealant is basically divided into 2️⃣ categories: neuter and acidity, which have different functions to meet different situations and needs, hence please be remember to pay attention to the following things before buying!

🟢Neuter sealant: Very common in the market and widely used. Has no acid odor, but the consolidating time is slightly longer.
👍🏻Advantages: Not easy to corrode material, no pungent unpleasant odor, strong adhesive force.
Scope of application: Wide range of uses, suitable for most metals or building materials, such as wall decorations, mirrors and other materials, etc., can also be used to repair fallen tiles.

🔴Acidity sealant: The price is cheaper, but because the acidity sealant will release irritating gas during the curing process, be sure to keep the air circulation after use!
👍🏻Advantages: lower price, good sealing, fast consolidation.
👎🏻Disadvantages: It will produce acidic pungent odor, easy to corrode metal materials
Scope of application: sealing between glass materials and other materials and dumb places on the back of wood lines.